The original cream dispenser and charger systems were invented by Whip-It! Brand’s first manufacturing partner in Switzerland and are now used in popular food service corporations internationally. Whip-It! Brand products are made to the highest quality standards and our chargers are manufactured at ISO 9001, ISO 9002, TUV certified factories. Our whipped cream dispensers have NSF certifications and are HAACP compliant. 

Whip-It! Brand has become a strong presence, recognized name and driving force in the commercial coffee industry, upscale restaurant businesses and the hospitality industry. Worldwide sales of Whip-It! Brand dispensers and chargers have been fueled by an increase in coffee consumption, molecular cooking, cocktail concoctions, and the demand for fresher and higher quality results.

With over 60 years of manufacturing expertise and global success, we have expanded our line to include other innovative products such as soda siphons, premium butane, torches, stoves and more!